Bishop Gilbert M. Bookal was born out of divine purpose on July 13th, 1971 in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Under the spiritual guidance of his Grandmother Mary Gwendolyn Samuels he acknowledge the call of God on his life to ministry and began his journey towards fulfilling his purpose and reaching his destiny in February of 1986 when he was baptized in Jesus name. Shortly thereafter Bishop Bookal migrated to Canada and within a couple of months received the gift of the Holy Ghost.
It was almost immediately that Bishop Bookal saw his ministry began to soar. The demand to hear his anointed and powerful exposition of God’s word had become evident by the invitations which were received locally and internationally. This increasing demand has taken him throughout Canada, the United States and internationally where he delivers messages that empowers and change the lives of those who hear him. The Bishop’s passion for people and his belief that every person should be empowered and encouraged to fulfill their God assigned purpose motivates him to continue seeking ways to reach as many as he possibly can.
Bishop Bookal is the Senior Pastor-Teacher of River of Life Restoration Ministries located in Brampton, Ontario Canada. He was consecrated to the office of Elder in the 77th Holy Convocation of the Churches of God and True Holiness by Presiding Apostle Albert E. Dixon Sr. and a few years later by the Lord’s guidance he was consecrated to the office of Bishop during the 83rd annual Holy Convocation of The Churches of God and True Holiness in Fredericksburg, Virginia under the Leadership of Presiding Apostle James Brant Jr.
Bishop Bookal continues to empower people through his clear, explosive and anointed presentation of the Holy Scriptures and his ability to show it’s relevance to their everyday lives. His approach while penetrating the hardest of hearts, captivating the attention of the restless and convincing the sinner that he needs God to be saved is hailed by many as being practical yet powerful. Bishop Bookal loves all people and very humbly accepts that he has been chosen to be a servant leader to them with the mandate of bringing them to salvation. Bishop Bookal understands that in order to accomplish this mandate and effectively serve he must maintain a strong passion for prayer, worship, and above all the knowledge of God’s Word.