We at River of Life Restoration Ministries believe that it is our Christian responsibility and privilege to provide Christ-centered, biblical counsel to our members and those within our community, who are struggling with problems. We believe God’s Word is without error and sufficient to provide counsel for any and all problems in and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
1st Thursday of each month
7.45 PM
what we do
Through the power of the Holy Spirit our professionally trained counsellors are able to minister to individuals and helping them to gain victory over abusive, addictive and damaging thoughts, or behaviors, while also building a closer walk with Jesus Christ.
Our counsellors are available to help with problems such as marital issues, parenting issues, depression, anger, addictions, and a variety of other personal problems that individuals and couples may experience. The counselling is offered either in one-on-one sessions, group therapy, family counselling, spiritual growth groups, and referral services.