iLink Youth & Young Adults
Youth Empowered to link lives to Jesus Christ
iLink Youth & Young Adults Ministry exist to serve the church by developing, coordinating and administering an effective and comprehensive ministry to meet the diverse needs of youth and young adults (both members and non-members) and to enable young people to celebrate and deepen their relationship with God through individual and communal prayer and participation in Church Services.
1st & 4th Thursdays
7.45 PM
what we do
The ministry invites young people into intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and empowers them to live and witness as disciples. It enables healing, growth, and healthy development of youth and young adults in their relationships.
The ministry engages the Church and broader community in voicing and addressing the needs of young people and makes special efforts to gain their endorsement, support, and involvement in developing programs that effectively addresses the issues youth and young adults have to deal with.
The ministry affirms and calls forth the gifts of young people and provides opportunities for their ongoing spiritual and leadership development by the planning of annual an conference, retreat, and outings that provides a holistic approach in meeting the needs/interests of young people.
The ministry partners with community agencies and resources that interface with young people to determines effective means for publicizing and promoting programs that responds to the needs, interests, attitudes, struggles, and beliefs of young people.